Campaign background

‘Where Can I Go’: Campaign Background

There are insufficient numbers of clean hygienic and safe publicly available toilets in many towns and cities throughout the UK to meet the needs of residents and visitors

Where Can I Go? – I’m old and I need to know that there will be a toilet available for me to go when I’m away from home

Many of the existing toilets do not provide adequate inclusive facilities to meet the needs of all types of users

Where Can I Go? – I have special needs and I need accessible facilities available to me that enable me to go when and where I need to on my journeys

The Department of Communities and Local Government Committee has done its best to support BTA and other organisations in raising awareness of the issues and recommending Government action

Where Can I Go? – I’m a young child or baby and I need family friendly toilet facilities so that I can be changed while I am away from home by a male or female parent or carer

The DCLG Report is a valuable document and can be used as evidence as part of a new campaign

Where Can I Go? – I’m a woman and I need adequate provision of toilet facilities so that I can go when I need to

The existing Government will not change it’s mind about placing an obligation on Local Authorities to provide public toilets (or many other sensible recommendations included in the report, e.g. signage and data capture)

Where Can I Go? – I’m a visitor and I need to know where the toilets are and what facilities are available to me when I need to go

The new BTA Campaign needs to change from a ‘top down’ approach -directed primarily at Central Government, to a ‘bottom up’ approach’ – directed at local government – the actual source, and we believe, the authority responsible for provision

Where Can I Go? – ‘I have anxieties about using a toilet and I need a clean and hygienic toilet where I can go and feel safe’

A ‘call to action’ with the support of other associations and organisations that will add more than the sum of the constituent parts to the force of a new campaign