The British Toilet Association Limited
is a Not-for-Profit Members Organisation working to promote the highest standards of hygiene and provision in all “away from home” toilet facilities across the UK. We are primarily funded through membership subscriptions and rely on both Corporate Championship and additional sponsors to support our campaign & activities. We have grown to over one hundred members and our Management Advisory Committee helps us to steer the company’s information, campaigning and consultancy roles and plan our future activities for our members.

Why do we need more and better toilets?


When any of us are travelling and away from home for an extended time, we will on one or more occasions require the use of a decent, clean toilet. There are also an increasing number of specialist user groups, whose lives are adversely affected by the poor state Healtmatic - Marazon 2public toilets across the country. These include people with mental or physical disabilities and their carers; older persons and many focus groups; families with babies or young children, schoolchildren and residents and visitors of all ages who are coping with a range of medical conditions. This is a basic human function and we need to have a greater level of adequate provision for everyone and anyone who has a sudden urge to find relief when they are away from their normal residence. It’s a problem faced by thousands of people every day, truck/lorry and van drivers, car drivers and that includes taxi & private hire, coach drivers and passengers, emergency services and transient workers.
Failure to get to or use a toilet when we need to can lead to embarrassing medical and social problems.

How is the BTA helping to address these problem ?

The Association, as a whole, has a wealth of knowledge on toilet related issues and practices and every day handles a constant stream of enquiries or applications from everyone who has a real desire to help improve the current provision as well as reduce the number of toilet closures. We support consumers and suppliers alike on the future development and installation of  more hygienically clean publicly accessible toilets across the country. We’re always keen to broaden our knowledge base and welcome NEW members – Why not join the campaign today !
Full information on the benefits and how to join us is contained on our Membership page above!

Consultancy Services
Our survey team carries out a number of consultations each year, which can include a wide variety of  detailed reporting on: toilet facilities and their fixtures, hygiene, cleaning, design and innovation, specification and maintenance, current & future provision along with change of purpose, use and operation. As a completely independent body we aim to provide you with an extensive report that will allow you to find the correct toilet/facilities solution for your area.
Further information on our survey & consultancy service is contained above !

Information ServicesSAM_3178
Communicating information and direction on new and existing products and service suppliers. Answering members, commercial companies and the general public on a  wide range of questions and queries regarding all aspects of regulations, provision and future development.

Legislative Issues
As an independent body we are frequently invited to give an opinion, statement or judgement regarding legal issues and regulation revolving around publicly accessible toilets. Having access to a wealth of knowledge through our growing membership can allow us to be proactive in many instances. We are always keen and willing to liaise with representatives from Westminster, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast and Brussels.

British & European StandardsBSI logo
Bathroom and washroom sizes an fixtures should fully comply with the BS Standards (at installation) The BTA is a member of the BS6465 Committee revising the standards on the provision of public toilet facilities. We also help to monitor and advise suppliers and providers on existing and developing new toilet and infrastructure standards.

Changing Places Logo



Changing Places ToiletsChanging Places - New Interior Photograph
We are extremely proud to be working with the Changing Places Charter Group and organisations such as Muscular Dystrophy, PAMIS and the Centre for Accessible Environments (CAE) to promote & increase the overall provision of Changing Places Toilets throughout the UK.

Toilet Map
We are currently developing a Toilet Map project that will greatly enhance the public’s quest for finding a decent clean – open – facility as the map will contain/identify all recorded sites and then give a detailed profile of what each contains.

Best Practice Guide & Training Services
The BTA has a series of Best Practice Guidance and later this year is hoping to unveil a range of Training Modules aimed at owners and managers interested in improving the levels of provision and  cleaning within their own facilities.

Market/Consumer Research
Talking with and to a wide band of users and suppliers and covering a range of product data. Working and liaising with organisations who are developing new ideas and concepts for the provision of toilets.

PublicationsMinehead 1 (danfo)
This would include articles and editorial in many of the leading cleaning journals as well as producing our own information guides, manuals and facts sheets. We help to promote the Truckers Toilets Newsletter and a Problem Reduction Guide.

A Voice for the Industry
The BTA welcomes every opportunity to draw down Media activity and publicity material which highlights issues around publicly accessible toilets. In particular Radio & TV opportunities are sought and used to expound the company’s campaign message to wider and wider audiences.
We will use every opportunity offered to stop the decline in available public facilities.

Use our Loo’s Campaign

The BTA has joined forces with Unilever (Domestos), the Great British Public Toilet Map, NeonTribe and Edelman to promote a National Community Toilet Scheme campaign under the banner of “USE OUR LOO’S” Local businesses and shop owners will be invited to join into the national campaign to try and make more toilets available for all residents, visitors and touists.