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Title: e.g. Loo closure plans anger Whitetown residents

The issue: e.g. Whitetown residents are reacting angrily to proposals to close up to 5 public toilets in the town.

The details: e.g. Last Friday 24th the Whitetown Council revealed that nearly half of the town’s public toilets were facing closure this winter as part of plans to save £25,000 a year.

The response: e.g. The Whitetown Residents Association Chairman Peter Black said ‘The council should be upgrading facilities, not demolishing them and selling them off’
Facilities in Castle Street, High Street, The Square, Wood Road and South Parade are all under threat of being sold off. Plans are also afoot to close public toilets in West Road and Market Street during winter months. The council’s executive board is expected to launch a two-month public consultation into the proposals tomorrow. However, many residents in the city have already made their feelings clear.

Support for your response: e.g. Bill Smith, 46, a resident of The Estate, said: “The closure of public toilets would be a mistake. “The council should be upgrading facilities, not demolishing them and selling them off. It says it wants Whitetown to be a vibrant place yet it doesn’t want to provide basic facilities.
“Given the amount charged to park or use public transport in Whitetown it seems astonishing that the people running our public services can’t budget their finances better.”
Sue Grey, 60, a resident of Denne Place, said: “There’s already a problem finding public loos in Whitetown, especially for the disabled and young people.
“We are losing facilities all the time. Our public toilets certainly need upgrading, which means spending more money, but we mustn’t allow these closures. “I think there will be a public outcry about this.”

Call for Support: e.g. The Whitetown Residents Association welcomes support for their ‘WHERE CAN I GO? CAMPAIGN promoted by the British Toilet Association. Contact Peter Black 01222 456789

Author of Press Release: Contact Name e.g. Peter Black Position e.g. Chairman

Organisation name e.g. Whitetown Residents Association

Email address e.g. and telephone number e.g. 01222 456789