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We are currently working closely with a number of organisations on developing a campaign to encourage government to devise a legal requirement for the inclusion of sanitary bins in Mens Toilets.

Over 2 Million men across the UK may have an urgent need to visit the toilet to remove or replace a stoma or incontinence product. Until now the soiled unit would have been disposed of in a Litter bin (if provided) or they may be forced to carry the used item away from the toilet perhaps to home.

Female toilets have always been well provisioned with sanitary bins in nearly every cubicle to cater for the disposal of towels & pads.

In recent months we have joined forces with Prostate Cancer UK and together we are gathering research and evidence to support our lobbying of national government to make a change in the current legislation to make it compulsory for providers to address the needs of all males who suffer with the problems of proper disposal.

A nationwide email survey has been distributed by supporting organisations to all their members and major organisations providing public toilets. These results will help us to try and understand the extent of the problems being faced by both the users and the providers.


The BTA are supporting the All Party Parliamentary Group for Bladder
and Bowel Continence Care’s campaign called Boys need Bins. The campaign aims to raise awareness of male incontinence and examine what facilities currently exist for incontinent men. We’ve partnered with
other national charities/associations to help achieve this: 

  • British Toilet Association 
  • Bladder Health UK 
  • International Longevity Centre (ILC) 
  • Men’s Health Forum 
  • Prostate Cancer UK
  • Tackle Prostate Cancer  
  • Truckers Toilet UK 

How you can help  
We’d like to hear from those responsible for the hygiene provisions in your toilet facilities, to get an
understanding of the current need for male hygiene bins.  If this isn’t you, please forward this email on to
the most relevant person in your organisation.  
Our 5-minute survey is completely anonymous and asks for no personal details, so please share as much
detail as you want. There are no right or wrong answers.
Your feedback will help us start conversations with the Government and key decision makers who can
create a positive change for men affected by incontinence. 
The deadline for submission is Friday 26 May 2023.  
If you have any questions about the survey, need support with completing it, or want more information on
this topic more generally, please contact 
With our thanks and best wishes,