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‘Where Can I Go’: How Do I Become Involved?

Typical reasons given by authorities’ for inactivity

  • Capital cost of new toilets
  • Cost of refurbishment of abused or neglected facilities
  • Cost of cleaning and maintenance to attain satisfactory standards
  • Vandalism accepted as insoluble

Consequences of authorities’ inactivity

  • Lack of facilities for residents and visitors
  • Old and disabled prevented from leaving their homes
  • Loss of attractiveness of area without toilet facilities
  • Cost of street cleaning of urine and faeces due to lack of toilets
  • Loss of visitors
  • Loss of trade
  • Loss of reputation

If the above are affecting your life, or the life of those close to you, or you believe these situations are unacceptable, you can get involved and start a ‘Where can I go?’ Campaign.

Actions you can take include

  • Write a letter/email of complaint to the toilet provider (Local Authority or company)
  • Write a letter/email to the local press expressing your concerns
  • Contact the local Radio and TV stations and tell them about your ‘Where can I go?’ Campaign
  • Write an editorial for the local press or magazines
  • Write to you local Councillor
  • Write to your MP, and or prospective parliamentary candidate if nearing an election(toilets are an emotive subject and those that act gain support)
  • Organise a petition and gain signatures from those who wish to support your campaign.
  • Use Blogs and Twitter to spread details of your campaign to a wider audience
  • Publicise success

Advise BTA ( of your activities and successes