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BTA Consultation Service

Each year we visit many hundreds of public toilets across the UK. Over the years we have built up a unique fund of practical experience, covering every aspect of toilet provision and operation and most importantly this knowledge is centered on the views and requirements of the user.

Our vision is that every ‘away from home’ toilet, certainly every Local Authority public toilet, should receive an annual independent assessment and appropriate star rating.

In the meantime, the BTA is ready and able to visit any type of provider – Local Authority or commercial provider – as well as health, education and hospitality establishments, to discuss current standards of provision, future strategy and issues relevant to design, layout, product and service needs, security and maintenance – as well as marketing or revenue generating opportunities.

The BTA’s Toilet Consultation Service provides impartial, independent advice at a realistic cost which is discounted for BTA members.

Find out more about our Consultation Service –¬†please E-mail us at:¬†

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